New clothes today!


So I got some new clothes finally tonight! My first pair of male clothes I bought my self and didn’t steal from my husband! Pants and all. I’m so excited and happy! We went out to the local Red Robins here to celebrate our birthdays (We are a week apart) and my feelings were all over the place. I was nervous, excited, happy and curious what everyone might think of me in all male stuff. But to be fair I guess if you’ve ever watched the Ellen show I guess I sorta resembled that so not a massive public shocker. But hey! I looked pretty snazzy! I even took a small risk and posted this to FB for my family to see and they won’t know until Wednesday(My bday)!

Still waiting on my binder. Goodness it feels like eternity since I ordered it! Come on mail! I also started resizing my ears again so now they are at a 6 gauge size. 

Welp that’s it for tonight! Just thought I’d share some random news. Have a good one everyone!


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