As I’m sitting here this morning, I can’t help but think I should probably write this down as cheesy or silly as it may come out to be. I’ll just say that yeah I can be a weird person, I have weird dreams too. Been having them more and more as of this past week due to stress, excitement and so on. 

So last night I had this dream and the one thing I really remember from it is seeing all these little glass shards being stuck in my arms. And someone talking to me, I almost want to say it was my husband or family but I don’t remember what they were saying. I do remember though, trying to pull these shards out. Some long, some small and tiny. And as I get closer to finally getting them out and I get up to move forward I find just a few more that I have to pull on. I don’t remember if I got them all out but I remember feeling a sense of self accomplishment or relief before I woke up.

Now I’m no doctor. I’m no psychologist or dream expert. But I went looking because I’ve never had a dream like this that I can remember. And I found common glass stuff but nothing pertaining to this. I guess my take on this would be, maybe I’m finally breaking apart my old self finally. Moving away from what I was and revealing a new bodied me. Just a few more shards in my self before starting again as my true self. 

I don’t know.. kinda sounds corny but it works I guess. It makes sense of the situation at hand. I don’t remember a ton of my dreams and if I do they become just a fleeting thought most days. But the ones that keep nagging at the back of my head, usually have, that I feel, some meaning to them and should be sort of a self reflection sort of signal.

So that’s really it for now. On a passing note, tomorrow is my birthday and I’m so nervous haha. I’ll be meeting with my parents tomorrow night and coming out to them. Expect a nerve wracked post some time tomorrow and hope for a large sign of relief tomorrow night.

Hope everyone has a great day! Take care.


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