Snow everywhere!

Well as it may be, we had a pretty big snow storm come over us early Tuesday that ended up dumping about a foot of snow in our area. My psychologist appointment was moved to tomorrow (Thursday) at noon so I’ve been “patiently” waiting haha. It also seems my mail was delayed as well including some commission money that should of been here too. Go figure. So no binder.. still. Now over 2 weeks waiting. *Sighs*

I have my autobiography printed out and a new route to take to my appointment so just waiting. I was told I would get my letter for my testosterone so pretty excited. I had a bout of fibromyalgia Tuesday which left me glued to my couch so that was annoying to say the least.

On other random news, my husband has been referring me by my new name Hex. So that’s been fun and refreshing. Not much really else going on to report other than my distaste for the shipping methods. If I would of had the money I would of just ordered an underworks binder and next day shipped it but at the moment I’m not looking to spend that much yet. And I did find this pretty decent site that says I can get 10mls of T for $41 bucks at CVS so that is also some good news.

Besides just those random tidbits, life has been life thus far. I’ll report tomorrow on how the appointment went. Hope all is well with everyone else!


3 thoughts on “Snow everywhere!

  1. did you get an underworks binder and just have it shipped standard? they usually take about 2 weeks to get to me in Cali and they are based in Florida I believe…so it should be coming soon for you!
    CONGRATS ON YOUR T LETTER!!! that is really exciting! keep us posted on where you decide to get it filled, I’m always looking for more affordable options…
    Oh and also keep in mind that most pharmacies don’t include the needles and syringes. So make sure to ask about that wherever you decide to go through.

    1. I actually ordered a binder from Pee-cock products and it shipped 2 weeks ago so just been patiently waiting. For as long as it’s taken I should of just ordered one from underworks though! haha.
      And I’ll let ya know for sure about the T. I’m getting seen by my doc on the 13th so going to discuss options then for sure. And yea I’ll be sure to ask about the needles and stuff if I choose to go through CVS or not. Thanks for the heads up on that!

      1. no prob! Let me know how the binder is from Pee-cock too…I need to get some new ones…I usually wear the underworks 997 but I might switch if I find something else that is more comfortable. 🙂

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