Well I’ll start off by saying the last two days have been.. so exhausting haha. Feels like it’s been a whole week in just the span of 2 days since so much has gone on.

I got my letter for T yesterday and managed to squeeze in an appointment with my doctor today! Last night I ended up discovering that my daughter had gotten lice from school last week (Oh joy right?) and my son had it too. So last night into today has been pretty much a cleaning frenzy since they both had literally rolled and laid on everything this week. My poor washer and dryer don’t know what to do anymore haha. Both got medicaided and seem to be clearing up as of this morning. So that’s the good news of that situation. On the flip side, I am so very tried now lol.

I managed to get into see my doc today and my blood results looked great. I was with in normal levels of everything and so she wrote me my script for testosterone! After running some more errands, I dropped off my husband and kiddos and went straight to CVS to fill it. With goodrx.com ‘s coupon I ended up paying $41.97 for 10mls and for 24 needles at $6 bucks. So a grand total of $47.97 for the T and needles. I didn’t pick up alcohol wipes or anything yet because my doc has decided to start me slow and I’ll only need to inject once a month for now. So 200mg per every 4 weeks for about 2 months or so. Then we’ll catch back up and see where I’m at and if I’m in need of a bigger dose or not.

I have an appointment at 3:30pm with a nurse to help me with my first shot and then I’ll be able to go from there on my own. It’s so tempting to just give my self the shot now haha but my common sense and good self say just wait it out, won’t be the end of the world if I have to wait a couple more days. Now let’s see if my anxiety can wait.

STILL waiting on my binder. I’ve sent them a letter asking when it should be appropriate to just ask if it’s lost or not because it’s been a full 14 business days and it’s still not here and I’m really kind of grouchy and upset because I was really looking forward to binding my chest asap. Very tempted to just try and buy an underworks instead for now and fast ship it. So tired of waiting.

Besides all of that, just kind of going through the motions. I’ve got my kiddos in bed and now it’s time for me to relax. Have a good one!


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