First step

Today was the first big step in my transition. I got my first shot of testosterone today. Not really feeling anything. It’s been about 4 hours now. I’m kinda tired but that’s normal for me around this time anyways. I had some very mild random cramping but that’s really been it. 

I’m starting off with 200mg. After 4 weeks I’ll be switching up to 200mg every 2 weeks instead. This first month is to see if I have any weird reactions ect. So pretty excited all around.

I know everyone is different and it’s like a bag of random tricks when taking T. I do know I could very well not get much of anything, or too much of others ect. But for silly fun and giggles to have something to look back on for future me, I’m going to list a few things I hope I get.

I would very much be happy with a working and active libido. Mine has been gone for 8 years and I’d like it back please kthx. haha I’d also like some visible growth downstairs. Can we all say micro? Just.. putting that out there lol.

As for everything else, of course I’d love to grow facial hair, body and so on. Love for my voice to drop in some way or another. And ya know, let me pass as who I want to. Everything else would just be an extra to me.

So there’s my little list of things I’d really like from HRT. As of right now, I’m still tired so I think bedtime is coming early tonight. Have a good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “First step

  1. Now comes the waiting game, when I first started T everything felt like it was taking forever. The first week was pretty much normal and the second week was much of the same, slowly but surely little things changed first my appetite (I was a wild man when it came to food for the first 4 months…hungry all the time!). Then my energy levels and emotions started changing…which was hard for me to adjust to. Then finally at about 4 months my voice dropped for the first time…that was when I really started feeling like I was really changing. It was so hard those first few months not to get frustrated but I made it through and so will you 🙂 congrats on your first shot man! I’m excited to read along on your journey!

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