Changes and frustration

Sorry it’s been a bit since I last updated. I wanted to give a bit of time to see how the T would effect me in my first week of taking it. So far I’ve noticed a few subtle changes.

So far I’ve noticed that my appetite has gotten bigger. Before hand I would eat maybe one snack and one meal a day(I know but bad habits die hard) And I’d be full with just 1 small meal. Now it seems I’m getting hungry in the morning(which hasn’t happened in years really)I get hungry in the afternoon, evening and around 1-2am now as well. I also can eat a bit more now per meal. Which is not going to help me loose any weight haha. So picking up on some exercise here soon to counter my new food intake.

My sex drive has also gone up. Speaking I was literally starting at no libido what so ever to now craving it at least once a day I say that’s definitely something. I’ve also noticed a tiny amount of growth so far. Just the slightest which is actually kind of nice haha. I’ve also noticed a small change in my orgasms. Before, I was having those all over body type ones. The ones that left you light headed and rolled heat all the way to your head. It was a full bodied thing for me. Now it’s dimmed down a lot. No more light headed feeling and it seems to be more centered in my genital area.

That’s really all the changes I’ve noticed as of right now. I don’t really expect to see any more for a while. My doctor has me waiting 4 weeks until I take my 2nd shot to make sure everything goes ok first. Then I’ll be bi weekly for a while at 200mg every 2 weeks. 

And as for my binder.. screw you mail system. It’s either stuck at customs until they deem otherwise or it’s been lost. So come tomorrow I have to e-mail Peecock-products and ask for a replacement to maybe be shipped. I don’t want a refund seeing as I’d really like to have one of their binders. Maybe they’ll be nice enough to fast ship me one, one can only hope.

So really that’s it for now. Have a good day everyone!


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