I’ve been a bit busy lately it seems. Got a tooth pulled recently, so been a couch vegetable the last 24 hours. Finally getting to move around without some sort of random pain so that’s good and all. Not good to come back to bad news though.

If you’ve kept up with the blog, you’ve noticed that I’ve been waiting on a binder from Peakcock-Products that’s located in Singapore. They shipped my order Jan 22nd and told me it could be up to 18 days before it got here. I waited 18 days and then requested a refund from them since it seemed like my binder was lost.

I was told that due to a weather storm on the 12th my binder might be delayed and thus I should continue waiting. That didn’t sit well with me. So I called USPS and asked what could be done and where my package was. I was told that the package should of hit LAX Jan 24th and been delivered Jan 28th to my house (Here in Missouri). They also told me that my package had never once hit US boarders or customs and that the company would have to contact their Singapore post and  inquire about it there. Instead of contacting the Singapore post, Peacock-products decided to stick to their guns that the snow storm on the 12th in the US was the cause of my package not coming in, never mind that my package destination port was in California (miles and miles away from any snow) and that I would just have to wait for my package because they weren’t going to give me a refund!

How wonderful is that? I got a tracking number that hasn’t updated in over a month, a package that hasn’t even hit US boarders yet and a company telling me they are just going to take my $49 and run with it! Not only that, but I’m out of a binder now! I won’t recommend Peakcock-Products at all. That is bad business practice to just run off with your client’s money and here I sit, not a product to show for it.

A friend of mine helped me gather some extra funds together and even with next day shipping, I got a binder from Underworks here yesterday that I only paid $5 more and didn’t have to wait literally at all. They shipped same day I ordered and I literally got it next day. Wish I would of just done that. Then I could of avoided this month long headache. I had to go through paypal and file a claim against the company and will have to contact USPS and have them try and email me a statement now. Just couldn’t be more peeved right now. I’ve ordered a LOT of things over the years from different companies and not once had this big of an issue.

So binder issues aside, I’ve got a family dinner I’m going to later this afternoon. Finally have a binder for it and all so that’s super nice. And the weather isn’t too bad today either. Hopefully things will work out alright. 

Have a good weekend everyone! And beware Peacockproducts.com!


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