Wanted to start off saying I FINALLY got my binder. 5 weeks it finally got here. I will not be ordering from peecock-products ever again. No one should deal with that level of annoyance. So finally got it. I tried it on and of course it’s actually a bit too big even though I followed sizing guidelines. So I might try and resell it or give it away and just keep the Underworks binder I have.

As far as anything new going on, I’ve done a voice recording comparison¬†thing recently which is fun. I made a small voice recording the day I took my first shot and then took one 17 days later and there is a slight difference. So that was fun to experience. My throat has been achy a lot lately and that might have something to do with it.

My next T shot is the 10th. I’m pretty excited. Got to go back to the pharmacy and ask for some proper syringes and get some alcohol wipes soon. This last month has kind of dribbled by slowly for me. It’ll be nice switching to T doses every 2 weeks. Can’t wait to start seeing some changes.

That’s really it for changes so far. I hope everyone has a great week!


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