My first passing!

I totally forgot about logging my first public passing here! The days lately seem to be buzzing by and I don’t get too often to log my thoughts right now.

A little back story for the day. My husband has a on going issue with his right leg. (He was in a car accident at the age of 14 and had to get a titanium rod implanted in his Tibia. He’s been working 2 jobs, 6 days a week and we think he tore a ligament) So on the 23rd he ended up going to the ER since walk in clinics don’t take our insurance in the area and the soonest we could get him a dr apt is tomorrow.

So he gets some medications prescribed to him and I had to walgreens to fill them. As I’m picking up the medications the pharmacist is speaking to me about any allergies and then looks up and asks if I was Dustin(my husband)! I of course said no, I’m his husband but man that felt awesome! Feels great finally starting to match outside.

As for everything else going on, I am over 2.5 months on T now. My family has remarked that my face has changed, my chest looks much flatter and more peckish and I’ve gained more muscle mass upper body wise. My voice has also dropped more which is always welcoming. Feeling pretty great so far over all. I’m not passing 100% of the time or anything but even I see/hear the changes and people are finally reacting to them.

Thought I’d update a new picture of me as well with my new hat and sunglasses. Enjoy the pic and have a good day!


New hat and glasses. 2.5 months on T
New hat and glasses. 2.5 months on T

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