The STP trials

I finally got to ordering a STP(Stand to pee) for my self! I’m so giddy right now haha. I found this site through a facebook group(I’ll link it below) that had a pretty good looking STP on there in my price range. It’s a Mr. Limpy with a medical spoon attachment.

It should be arriving tomorrow! I’ll give a short review of it come the weekend and see how everything goes. This will be my first STP device so by no means am I an expert.

Also, a quick update on the acne treatment. I totally have lagged behind in using it. I have been so utterly busy with taking care of my husband and doing all of the errands/chores/work and taking care of both my kids I haven’t wanted to do anything except crawl into my bed and sleep for a week. I’m sooo not a morning person and when I wake up all I want to do is open something with caffeine in it and stare at random webpages for an hour. I completely forget pretty much everything else lol. But I promise to try harder to remember and let you all know how it’s going.

So here is the site I used to get my STP from. They have some other really nice FtM geared things in their shop that I might eventually partake in at some point down the road.


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