3.5 months and counting

I firstly want to apologize for the slower updates from me. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster with summer starting soon and school getting out and the weather finally taking a turn for the warmer side of things.

I just thought I’d go ahead and do a kind of rounded update on all things going on. I’ll start with physical body changes.
So far after 3 and a half months of HRT, I have finally started to loose the weight I gained in the first 2 months. I went from 180’s up to over 200lbs and hovered there for about 2.5 months.
My face looked bloated, especially under my chin and still sadly still does a bit. But around the time I finally stopped gaining lbs and started kind of dropping weight, I noticed that my butt has become flatter. My waist line looks a tad slimmer, my shoulders and neck are broader and my arms have gained muscle mass again, along with my legs and calves. My chest also looks like it’s decreased a bit as well.
Hair growth is coming in nicely. The hair on my legs, arms and stomach have darkened and grown thicker. I’ve also gotten facial hair to start coming in as well. Lots of light peach fuzz with a few dark hairs as well. My side burns also are growing down along my jaw curve a bit too. My hairline has also begun to recede into the male pattern.
Voice has dropped a lot. It’s now creeping into male ranges and I’ve often passed on the phone to people without really trying. It’s still dipping a lot back and forth but it’s nice to hear the changes be acknowledged.
Growth down stairs seems to have slowed just a little bit. I have still not measured yet but I would guess half an inch when erect so far. I plan on attempting to acquire a pump and DHT cream to help it along down the road.

Psychological changes are subtle but there. I’ve noticed the way I think about things has changed. The way I come to conclusions, solve problems ect. I’ve also noticed that I’m more quick witted and sometimes snarky. I’ve also become much more social and accepting. This all could be due to just the gender shift I’m experiencing being now out to the world and finally being happy with my self. I don’t think it’s a direct result of the T. 

For everything else, it’s kind of just shifted into the right place. Far as my family is concerned nothing much has changed. My grandparents and father are still in denial. We’ve actually stopped letting my daughter visit them because they were upsetting her over what I am doing and giving her the wrong ideas about all of my transition. My grandparents refuse to listen and educate themselves so I’ve taken a defensive parental stance for the better of my daughter’s mental health. Thankfully my grandparents have not pushed my decision any further.

My relationship has improved ten fold since coming out and is still wonderful. My husband seems to be coming around to my physical changes and enjoys pointing them out which makes me feel much more secure and accepted. My children have completely switched my pronouns and name and even correct themselves if one of them slips. I’m in a safe environment for my transition and I’m very thankful for that.

So that’s pretty much it really for now. Updates might still be a bit on the slow side give or take since changes aren’t coming as noticeably as before. I do plan on attempting to change my name sometime in either June or July so that will I’m sure be a headache in it’s own self. 
I’ll be adding a couple new pictures to the gallery tab as well. Thanks for reading and take care!




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