6 months so far.

I’m now 6 months as of today on Testosterone. When I started my journey back in January of this year, I felt so overwhelmed and elated. And even to this very day I still feel the exact same way.
I feel confident, powerful, and one with my self. Even with the minor mishaps that have happened over these past 6 months I still feel positive with the way my life is going.

I’ve finally found the correct path for my self. Even if this year alone has tried to financially and emotionally beat me down, I stand here today pushing right back at it. And this time, I finally feel like I don’t have to give up.

I’ll go ahead and jump into some updates for body changes and so on.

Facial hair. It’s getting there haha. I’ve still got a good chin strap going. My right side is still a bit too light for my liking and I’m in need of dying it again. The middle of my chin though is finally growing in so it’s not some random baldish looking spot now. I’ll be hopefully buying a trimmer come soon and getting to making it look a bit shorter and more refined than it does right now. And I’m pretty certain it’s one of the key things that help me pass in public.

Voice is still dropping. About every month I hit a new lower octave. I’m still hit or miss on passing via the phone but public and in person seems a bit better. I’ve noticed that when addressed in public people try and not fit any sort of gender tag to me but when they do it’s usually male now. Had a waitress correctly gender me last night and that was a good feeling.

Body hair is pretty much there. Leg hair doesn’t look as thick and woah as before. I don’t know if I just got used to it finally or it thinned or what but it doesn’t make me cringe as much now. My underarm hair is another story lol. I’ve started to grow chest hair but I’m reluctant to keep any of it just because of the chest dysphoria I have. It doesn’t fit my ideal look I’m going for with the chest I have and until surgery I’ll probably continue shaving it.
Also my belly trail has come in rather nicely. And arm hair hasn’t traveled and gotten darker past my elbows so that’s also a plus for me.

Downstairs is eh about the same as it was 5 months ago. I don’t feel it’s changed much more than just getting a bit thicker looking. That part is disappointing but I also understand when I started T that it wasn’t even visible from the hood so I’m not expecting it to get much larger without pumping assistance. Which I do plan on doing when finances arise. As far as atrophy and things that can happen for transmen, I have not experienced that thus far yet.

Muscle build has stayed about the same. I’ve finally stopped having as many cramps in my legs as I did previously. I’ve also started taking in more fiber and potassium in my diet along with protein. Eventually when my life settles and I get over the whole making excuses thing, I’d like to get a gym membership and finally get my self in shape.

That’s about it really thus far. Friends have made many comments on my appearance and the “attractiveness” which makes me feel absurdly happy and blush.
I finally came to a compromise with my mother since she’s so stubborn about my new name. I didn’t have a middle name picked out yet and while dining out with her and my brother last weekend we settled on the middle name Gabriel to which she likes much more. So she’ll be using that instead of Hex. Which I’m ok with. It’s better than my birth name so I’m willing to compromise.
That and Hex Gabriel has a nice ring to it.

As far as legally changing my name goes, I’ll be waiting until after we move to do that. We plan on trying to save up and move out of our current residence by November this year and with applications and things, it’ll be mountains easier to just wait until we are settled before shoving a court order around everywhere trying to change everything ect. While I don’t want to wait, it would save me the headache later.

Welp, that’s about it really for my 6 month update. Life continues on it’s beaten path and I’m enjoying the ride so far in terms of my own self peace.
Thank you for stopping by and reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Have a good day!


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