7 months so far

I noticed I had just passed my 7 month mark 5 days ago and thought I’d leave a update here since it’s been over a month.

So far body changes haven’t been going by leaps and bounds much anymore. Due to living situations and money restraints the whole gym membership idea has been put on hold. My stress and anxiety have been through the roof lately while dealing with landlord and pest issues coupled with the fact I’m trying to save enough money to move out.

I have noticed that my facial hair is coming in much more darker now and thicker. I’ve still got this weird patch under my chin that isn’t catching up as fast as I’d like but the middle of my chin finally is so that’s nice. Right side of my face is still lighter than the left but it’s much darker than it was a month ago. Also managed to do a few online surveys and get a couple Amazon giftcards saved up to help ease the cost of the trimmer I wanted and got that. It’s been nice to have around and works well.

My weight has been dropping slowly which has been a welcomed sight to see. I’m now hovering around mid 180’s which is a lot better than a few months ago.
My voice also seems to have dropped a bit more as well. Not a massive leap but enough. On the phone it’s now 50/50 misgendering and I’m 100% passing in public so far. At least I haven’t had anyone state otherwise.
I also managed to get a pump and have been using that regularly. I’ve noticed a very small change in the week and a half I’ve been using it but it’s nothing substantial yet.

As far as everything else goes, I have my doctor appointment moved into next month and plan to try and ask again about acne treatments. My acne has become hard to deal with now. It’s spread almost 75% of my back, causing painful situations and fear of even scratching without pain. My chest isn’t much better either and seems to only be getting worse. The acne is running deep and leaving larger pore openings and it’s worrying me a lot. I’ve already had 2 abscesses occur and certainly don’t want anymore.

I’ll leave you with a picture to emphasize what I’m talking about. All the marks on my back you see, is acne. https://www.dropbox.com/s/33bmkc7xtgqf6ms/2014-09-09%2018.07.24.jpg?dl=0

Dysphoria seems to be a whole other ballpark at this point in. While my passing in public has helped ease some of my paranoia, fear and anxiety, it’s now doubled in other areas. My chest seems to be one of my more worrying areas for me.
I wear a light cotton and mostly breathable sports bra pretty much 27/4 minus for when I take showers. I feel sick almost without it and since I can’t wear my binder all day every day since it makes the acne worse, I’m stuck with this option. And while it’s the better of the two, it’s still giving me fits of dysphoria. Either way I’m kind of SOL if you will.
Without the sports top, I get sick feeling when I feel my chest move. It’s not small enough I can magically forget about it and it’s large enough it has it’s own presence when not bound in some way. But on the same end, I wish for nothing more than not to have to wear something all the time besides just a shirt. And top surgery is not an option for me anytime soon due to financial reasons. So I’m stuck now in this emotional loop and nothing is helping to ease it. In fact, thinking more on it makes me livid just for the sheer fact of the situation I’m stuck in. The way the american medical systems work ect.

So there’s my life at 7 months on T. The changes have slowed down but now the dysphoria has seemed to kick in ten fold along with the acne.
I also wanted to stress that if anyone has any questions, please feel free to either comment or send me a message to my inbox. I’m open to answering anything that I am able to.
I’ve also been trying to keep up with my gallery, even if I don’t post as often. So make sure to check there if you’d like to see progress pictures.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!


One thought on “7 months so far

  1. The thing about dysphoria is that it gets worse before it gets better. Transition brings a whole new batch of things to deal with.
    But, just think of the progress you have made in the last year. 🙂

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