Painful realizations


I wanted to take a moment today to talk about something I didn’t know was coming while taking Testosterone. Something I didn’t find information on through all the list of side effects other people had talked about. Something that effects A LOT of transmen and even women that isn’t being spoken about.

Painful orgasms. Yup. I experience them. I’ve googled the issue and a LOT of people (99% of them female bodied) experience them. And from what I’ve found? No one knows exactly why it happens or how to fix it.
Most cases I read about were anything from a mild twinge of pain to full blown on the floor crying. 99% of the stories I have read from other people also stated that when they asked their physicians (multiple ones even) that no one had an actual answer for them. Heck I even read someone said their doctor just told them to take some ibuprofen an hour before intercourse. Wha??

And of course, I asked on a few forums and places if any transmen had started to experience this as well and was not surprised to find that a lot of them did.
This is depressing! The one thing a lot of sexually active people like doing, that end of the tunnel you worked at to relieve yourself has now turned into a paranoid and painful experience. How is this not talked about more often?! This just floored me at the fact that so many people had experienced this and or still experiencing it and not a single medical professional could help them?

I personally started experiencing this about 2 months ago. It started out as a quick cramp on my right side (right around where my ovary still is. Remember I am pre-opt)
And it wasn’t too bad in the beginning. Just a quick twinge of pain and it was over in a few seconds. I could deal with that and thought well surely this will go away.
Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. I now was experiencing this new type of feeling. As I began to climb that mountain of pleasure to my peak, I would also start to feel the onset of pain come. As I peaked it got a bit worse and it felt like my muscle on my right side was cramping up. And then as I came down, it would disappear again. Ok that started to worry me and this is about the time I started looking online for answers and came across gobs and gobs of pages of women who were desperate for answers for these pains they were having and not a single straight answer. I was a bit crushed.
I haven’t seen my doctor yet due to some insurance issues that arose for me. So I can’t speak to her yet, but I’m now mildly panicking.

And then we catch up to me about 5 days ago. Reaching that turning point again to hit my orgasm and the pain comes, I know it well now. It happens every time. But as I’m experiencing the peak of orgasm and am coming down, the pain doesn’t subside like before. It stays around this time and instead of sticking to the right side it sweeps across my whole abdomen and pelvic region and by what I can only describe as period cramps, this pain continues for almost an hour.
So the pain seems to of gotten worse. I actually have stopped sexual activity for my body for now because I’m in fear of that pain getting worse and worse.

No one said anything. No one said this might happen. I feel under prepared. While this wouldn’t of stopped me from taking the testosterone, I feel like this should of been listed somewhere as a possibility. I understand some transmen don’t like speaking about their bottom halves. I get that. But no one could of warned anyone else that this might happen? A gentle heads up, “Hey by the way, you might get pain during orgasms and there’s no telling how bad it’ll get or how long it’ll last you for.”

So here I am. Any transman out there that might start testosterone in the future. Here is your heads up. Here is your little yellow flag saying this could happen to you. And I’m sorry that I can’t bring you any answers to help alleviate the issue.
I haven’t heard from any transmen who’ve had hystos, if this still happens to them. I don’t know if this is linked to any of those organs or not. I’m not a doctor. But from my understanding thus far is that persons who haven’t had a hysto and who could possibly have “strong orgasms” this could happen to you.

So there is my mild rant for the day. And I hope it was somewhat informative, if at the very least a heads up. When I speak to my doctor, if she has anything insightful to say, I’ll be sure to relay it forward.


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