Just a date?

So today, right around this very time actually was when I first came out to my husband about me being trans and started this crazy train of a year for my self and family. It’s been a wild ride. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I didn’t picture my self here and where I’ve come since than.

My birthday will mark a year since I came out to my family and than February 10th will mark the day I started hormones which I’m sure I will write a full mark up of that.
This entry won’t be too terribly long, figured I’d save my year anniversary of when I started hormones for the full ramble but I will say that without some of my amazing close friends, I wouldn’t even be here. I wouldn’t probably be alive to be honest. But I am. I’m alive, finally found my self and who I was meant to be and I honestly couldn’t be happier right this very moment.

Thank you to all those who’ve popped in and started following my crazy self this past year. I hope to continue to bring you crazy and neat posts for the foreseeable future! Take care everyone!

P.S. I totally updated my picture gallery again!


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