Four month long set back

Yup.. you read that right. I have been set back literally 4 months via my transition. As I wrote in the last entry I had switched off shots for a compounded version of androgel and I was extremely excited for it. Heck still would prefer it over the shots if it worked for me.

Let me just preface to any transman thinking of using the gel for a way to get your testosterone, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this as a user review! Every single person on this planet is different. We absorb and metabolize things differently, this does NOT mean the gel won’t work for you!

Okay now that that’s out of the way, over the past almost 4 months using my compounded gel I began to notice my facial hair stopped growing in as thick, my face has started to revert back, my sex drive is gone, I can’t achieve orgasm and to top it all off I’m now going through my second “shark week” aka period. It’s been monstrous and very aggravating to say the least. My energy has dropped and I’m just over all ick feeling. I went in for my normal time to get checked up on my blood levels and review and talk to my dr and I get a call back a week before my appointment saying that my levels are just so very low on everything that we have to figure something out with my testosterone and soon.
Basically I have the normal E levels for a male and normal T levels for a female. I’m experiencing right now something similar to menopause in a varied sense. It’s crazy and not fun. So after speaking with my dr on what to do, we’ve decided I’ll go back on the shot for 3 months, get my levels corrected and than figure out if doubling the gel dose mg would work or not.
At this point sadly my anxiety with giving my self shots is still through the roof so I’ll be visiting my dr office every 2 weeks and paying to get my shots for now. Everyone Uhg with me lol

Now I do want to say, even with my darn face reverting a bit back and so on, I still pass thank goodness. I have just a tad bit more of a hairy fem look going on which 0.o is weird but whatever.

So that’s it as far as transition things go. As far as life goes, uhg is the word I think of right off the bat.

I am currently going through a separation with my husband. No it’s not transition related. Actually has nothing to do with that. I still can say he’s been the most supportive amazing person as far as that goes. I fault him no where in my transition and understanding it.

But, there’s always a but somewhere, I just realized a lot of things, a lot of things missing that I wish I had in a partner that he can’t give me. So life is very up in the air, falling off a 10,000ft cliff with a tornado at the bottom waiting to throw everything which way. Stress has been horrific so yeah…

That’s my update for now. I’ve included a pic in my gallery of what I’m looking like today so if anyone wants to see what being on low T after normal levels looks like, feel free to take a peek.
Have a good one everyone and if anything drastic changes I’ll be sure to report back.


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