It’s time for an update

So it’s been a while. Granted, I’ve been working and enjoying summer and that wonderful thing called Pokemon Go. (Seriously, my childhood is being born again)
But I figured it was time to play speedy catch up on what’s happened since my last entry.

Since the last entry, I’ve quit RGIS (the company that the manager outed me at) and started working at Target! I got a call from them about an interview, passed with flying colors and started work a couple months ago now. I have to say I LOVE working for my Target store. I can’t even describe how much of a stark difference it is to every other job I’ve had in the past is. I know it’s retail so let’s reel back the over enthusiasm but for a retail job, it’s fan-freaking-tastic.
I went into my interview and right from the get go told all 3 people who interviewed me that I was trans and that I was there to work. I didn’t want anyone leaking my information to anyone and if it did ever come out, it was because of me and me only. I only have the right to disclose myself. All management were in total agreement and it’s been a freaking blast working there. Everyone genders me correctly, they treat me like an equal and I’m so comfortable with most of them there. I’m starting to make a few friends even which is nice.
The work keeps me busy which makes days fly and management is so enriched in positive vibes towards work that I’m almost drowning in recognition and compliments. You know those boards where it explains the difference between a boss and a leader? My store is run by leaders. Positive, up beat, encouraging leaders and it’s almost like a dream. I actually have ambition to work hard and move up if the opportunity comes. Not to mention, Target pretty much stands for all the things I find important in this world.

So yeah, Target is a great job lol. I work pretty hard and end up walking about 5 miles in a 4-5 hour shift a lone. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight which is really awesome. I hope by the end of this year that it’s slimmed down my hips and love handles a bit more cause they really stick out a lot and it’s super annoying.

On the note about my psychologist, we’ve obviously spoke since my last entry and we started on Adderall a while ago. I started at 10mg then upped eventually to 30mg of the slow release. Sadly all it did was make me more peppy during the day with a crappy crash around 5pm. I went to my Dr to ask about other options since it wasn’t really working and she backed down saying she’d rather I go to a psychiatrist so that’s next to do on my list once I pay for my health insurance.

Another little bump, we’re broke as hell. BUT that should be changing come next month. My husband FINALLY after months of working at $12 an hour(which was what has put us in the hole), he’s getting a promotion and raise! Pretty excited on that front.

Once insurance is paid off, I’ll be scheduling to get a hysto done by the end of this year and then looking at top surgery options. The only crap part of this is, my insurance I currently have now, will no longer exist come next year. It’s being disbanded so I have to reapply all over again for something different then. But on the bright note, I can’t be denied for top/hysto/or any other surgery/medication I need now with being transgender. As of yesterday the 18th, insurance companies receiving government funding have to cover trans persons! How awesome is that?!

Anyways, enough rambling about random topics for now. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated. When I get my hysto stuff figured out I will let everyone know how that goes. Working your way through the system isn’t pleasant so hopefully I’ll find a way to do it with minimal headache.

That’s it for me. Have a good one everyone!

P.s. I’ll update the gallery as well with a new pic.


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