Traversing New Waters

Thought I’d do a quick update on my experiences so far 3 weeks post-op DI.
I’ll probably update from here on out every 2 weeks or so. That way we’re not all stuck listening to me on repeat or reading about silly little things and seeing no real differences.

You know that feeling where your foot or hand is asleep and then all of a sudden you get goosebumps on top of that? That foreign, stinging sensation, borderlining on pain and just plain weird? That’s pretty much my chest right now.
It’s the most bizarre feeling.
Everytime I move from being stationary for longer than 10 minutes or something touches my chest like the wind (when I don’t have my binder on) I get this sensation.
I’ve tried finding other guy’s accounts maybe of this but I haven’t found too much on it. So I’m sharing it here. I would assume it’s my nerves firing off and healing/reconnecting. I get the occasional jolt of pain, especially in my nipples at least a dozen times a day if not more. It’s not a hindrance but it makes people around me kinda freak out cause I intake a sharp breath and grab my chest.

I have noticed though I have sensational touch feeling on my right side and my right nipple on about 90% of the whole area. My left side is a bit more behind with a more numbness feeling on the far side and nipple area so about 70%ish feeling is back.

Mobility is a little better. I can’t outstretch my arms for very long, I’m only able to lift up to 20lbs for the moment and reaching behind me isn’t great. But I’m now able to return to work and do light duty things such as putting up smaller items and pushing smaller carts, etc.

That’s about it though really. From what I’ve read the stabby soreness will probably be here with me for at least a couple months. Which is understandable.

Here is the update picture as promised. This was after a shower and not wearing the compression binder for most of the day. (I know.. naughty me. But it helps to get a breather in some days.) I do want to point out though the binder does a heck of a lot for swelling. Bearing through the discomfort is worth it. In this picture you can see I have slight swelling around the scars on my sides which looks like the typical dog ears going on. After wearing the binder though for say, over night, that goes away and they become flat again. So when your doctor says, wear the binder. Wear the binder.
Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Traversing New Waters

  1. Ahhh man the feeling of nerves knitting together is so disconcerting! But it is a good sign, even though the twinges are odd to get used to, sounds like you’re healing well and got a lot of sensation back already which is fab

  2. Hey, Hex! I’m a fellow transguy who just read your entire blog on a Tuesday afternoon, and I just have to say… you’ve gone through so much struggle, and I’m so so glad it has a happy moment here ❤ Hope your healing's been going well and that you can get back to work!

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