6 weeks and free to roam

Well, failed at the 2 week updates already. Seems life has a way of doing that now a days. Been busy getting back to work, kids getting out of school, being dead tired, you know the drill I’m sure.
At 6 weeks post-op now and feeling pretty alright. Notice that when I over do things I get a lot of side pains as of recent, where they did the lipo on. Not sure if that’s normal or just my muscles going, “Hey we’re useful again!” But it’s manageable.

Not a ton really has changed over the past 2 weeks at least. My body is one with the vampires. I’m blinding white in the sun and when you even just nudge, poke or go to scratch an itch, I come back looking like I was abused. So it’s no surprise that my scars are still fairly red and angry looking. Which eventually I know will dumb down too. So no worries there, it just looks more gnarly than it really is.

That being said, the freedom I’ve been feeling has been hard to describe past amazing. The fact that I can wake up, change shirts and just walk out of my house… is pure bliss to me. I no longer shy away from tank tops and I’ve been trying slowly to remember to stand up straight even if it makes my “beer gut” stick out.
Also something on the agenda this summer, loose the 20lbs I gained. Heck if I can make it 10lbs a month until August I’ll be in heaven.

Besides all of that, my husband was a bit shocked I didn’t want to go topless in any pool this summer (even indoor ones). Which I thought was odd he’d think fresh scars wasn’t a big ol red flag. I of course explained I didn’t really want to be a large blaring beacon for outing myself and that was that. Maybe next summer.

One big note though that I’ll be partaking in this weekend is PrideKC! I’ve gone a few times over the years since I started transition but I decided to kind of walk the plank this year and volunteer! I’ll be at the Trans Awareness Day booth this year on Saturday from 3:30-8. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to see everyone this year.

Really though, that’s about it at this point. Goin to leave you with an updated picture! Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you to those who sent well wishes my way ❤


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